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Orion Capital Services Co Ltd is a private company with global networks of associated companies and professionals. We are based in Tokyo, Japan and provide strategic solutions for companies tapping into Japanese market under the brand of Orion Japan Consulting.

We also develop business and capital strategies for early stage companies with high technologies in Japan assisting their business expansion into global market. Our close relationship with such clients also lead to the deal origination for some venture capital, private equity and distress investors.

Featured Consuling Work for 2015

Inbound to Japan

Food & Beverage Companies Tapping into Japanese Market

Our unique combination of networks with the exporters to Japan and with the food & beverage markets in Japan ennables us to provide valuable consulting services for the companies tapping into Japanese market.

Outbound from Japan

Premium Crafts of Japan to the World

We started saling Kutani Yaki products last year and now continue to search for the premium products of Japan created by the local artists. These products are exported to the world.

Orion Japan Consulting Service Menu

1. Business Strategy

2. Capital Strategy

We represent overseas companies starting the business in Japan.
  • Develope Strategic Business Plan
  • Identify Business Partners
  • Localize the Global Plan
  • Participate Industrial Events
  • Arrange Road Show Meetings
  • Conduct Research and Write Report

We develope capital strategy for overseas venture and junior companies tapping into the Japanese capital market and early stage companies in Japan.

  • Develope Capital Strategy
  • Originate Deals
  • Liaise with TSE and Lead Managers
  • Support Funding Activities

3. Office Incubation

4. Communication

For our offshore companies, we provide office incubation services.
  • Registration of Branch or Subsidiary
  • Office Registration
  • Liaison Services
  • Pre-entry Research and Report
  • Arrangement of Accounting Services
  • Arragnement of Legal Services
  • Recruiting

We provide communication services.

  • Web Site Developement
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Brochure Production
  • Road Show Services
  • Arrangement for News Release
  • Interpretation Services


For more information please contact us directly.